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Feb 17, 2013 6:30pm EST
the no tax, right? >> no. >> i made it up. >> you still have presidents' day to save 6%. for energy star products. we're talking about air conditioners, refrigerators and more. so shop and save. we'll be right back. ooh kfc. hey, you're supposed to wait for everybody. you know what, while we're waiting why don't we play a game of hide and seek? right now? yeah go hide. go on buddy. one, two... [ son ] come and find me! three! [ son ] are you even looking for me? i am looking! [ male announcer ] bite-sized chicken's grown up. kfc bites. freshly hand-breaded big bites of premium breast meat, seasoned in the colonel's original recipe. try 10 bites with an 8 piece meal for $19.99. [ son ] dad? [ male announcer ] today tastes so good. >>> you've heard of the iditarod where y<÷)4xdo a sled. this is the eye kit-arod race. the dogs are actually the kids. the teacher says it's about teamwork. this uhjúis the sixth annual running of the i kid you not. >> kids aren't active enough? >> flurries end tonight but a deep freeze is on the way. it will be a cold presidents' day and tuesday morning coul
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1